Networking is more than just running wires. It is an essential part of setting up your home or business communication process. If your business has expanded to the point of having several computers and workstations, we can provide a network solution. We can handle the job from the ground up or add on to your existing network. We can install everything from the premise wiring, setting up routers, to installing and supporting the servers.

One very important part of networking is security. However, many people come up short on protecting themselves by improperly (or not at all!) securing their networks. There are a few precautions we can take for you to ensure your network information stays secure. The installation of a simple firewall can improve your networks security, efficiency and decrease your number of service calls.

Our technicians have expertise at premise wiring Cat5 and Cat6 wires, HP Procurve switches and hubs, Cisco, Netgear, Dell and Linksys routers, hubs and switches. We have experience in file sharing and server operations with a variety of different server platforms and file sharing on most Windows and Mac operating systems. We have worked with windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012 servers, including using active directory in the newer Windows server operating systems as well. We are experienced and we are qualified.

All of this will translate to a properly working and secure wired or wireless network for your home or business that you can trust and rely on.

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